Myth Whitepaper

MYTH is designed to be a unique and fun ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. There is no ICO or presale the only way of distribution are random airdrops. Random meaning they are nether planned nor follow a real pattern, they could happen anywhere and anytime. Allowing anyone to get their share of MYTH. These Airdrops can happen on social networks like Twitter, Discord or Reddit. They as well can happen to a group of ETH addresses that got choosen for whatever reason.

Update: We decided on a maximum cap for airdrops! Once we reach a total supply of 1.5 million tokens all minted airdrops stop!

Gamble MYTH

With Dice & Bombs we offer 2 official games. Dice is currently the only way to mint fresh MYTH. Everytime you bet the token is burned, if you win fresh tokens are minted. We are also planning to implement further games as we go.


Symbol: MYTH
(ERC20 on Ethereum)
9 Decimals
Current Supply:



Quietly early April, 2020


Mythical Airdrops occur


Gamble MYTH, earn more

Fun & Profit

That's the Plan!

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